2016, occult- and parapsychology-based sports forecasting startup, website


Divination Chart I: Cardinals @ Panthers 10/30/16
2016, giclee and tarot cards on watercolor paper, handmade psychometric familiars, tamper-evident identification tags





Faux series I, feat. mom
2015, oil on panels, 128 x 78"





Battlefield Wikipedia
video produced for the 2015 Nordic Biennial





King's Hill, collaboration with Victor Vaughn
view series

Proxies, 2014-15
A. Reclamation Hygenic Ward, wreath of collected wine corks & TSA Liquids Rule-compliant toiletry baggie
  Work shipped to Mexico City to be part of the Lodos booth at the 2015 Material Art Fair, however shipment was detained by Customs and kept in a holding facility where it remained for the duration of the fair. Parcel was eventually deemed unfit for entry and returned, wreath reimagined, the contents of the bottle of ear drops missing.

Slenderman Canopic Jar, Sculpey, LED candles, shelf


The Throwpillow, sweat, permanent marker on orthopedic pillow







Theorist, 2014



2014, book by Edward Shenk & Brad Troemel              


Keys 1 & 2, collaboration with Brad Troemel for New Museum Store window


Diptych, 67 x 98"



Trustfund, horizontally-applied burn tag ad in abandoned gallery, 2012


Communion, 2012



Sledge Carter, Awareness Hunter, found object, game cases, digital prints, 2012