2016, startup


Divination Chart I: Cardinals @ Panthers 10/30/16
2016, giclee and tarot cards on watercolor paper, handmade psychometric familiars, tamper-evident identification tags







Faux series I, feat. mom
2015, oil on panels, 128 x 78"





Trailer for the Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art
Part III -- Battlefield Wikipedia
Part II -- A Message from Anonymous to the Nordic Biennial
Part I -- This Is Norway






King's Hill with Victor Vaughn
view series








Theorist, 2014



Keys 1 & 2, with Brad Troemel for New Museum Store window







Diptych, 67 x 98"



The Loving Son, horizontally-applied burn tag ad in abandoned gallery, 2012


Communion, 2012



Sledge Carter, Awareness Hunter, found tool, game cases, digital prints, 2012